Why choose BGBlitz?

  • a world class artficial intelligence chosen by many servers, several times winner of the Computer Olympiad
  • easy to use
  • visually stunning
  • excellent learning aids to transform casual players to experts
  • you can use your license on all your computers.
  • runs on Mac, Windows and Linux with one license
  • free updates since 2002

image saying new BGBlitz 3.0.0 is online. Clocks, a Heatmap with "drill down", Hugh Sconyers bear off database, batch analysis, lots of usability improvements, some more new features and correction of a handful of errors. For details see the news page.

BGBlitz AI for iPhone and Android. Often requested - now available. Details.

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Logo of Computer Olympiad 2007 BGBlitz 2.8.4 has won the Backgammon competition at the 19th Computer Olympiad in Leiden 2016 and thus repeated its success from the 12th Computer Olympiad in Amsterdam 2007, the 8th Computer Olympiad in Graz (2003) and the 7th Computer Olympiad in Maastricht (2002). See the Olympiad page for details.

BGBlitz is completely internationalised.
picture of German, UK, Dutch and Italien flag picture of French, Spain, Danish and Israel flag picture of Swedish, Turkish, Catalan and Chinese flag picture of Poland, Japan, Russian and Czech flag picture of Esperanto flag
Current languages are English, German, Dutch (Roger Troost), Italian and French (Radu-Dan Sabau), Spanish (José Manuel Solis Preisser), Danish (Søren Pingel Daalsgard), Hebrew (Shahar Tal), Swedish (Peter Nevalainen), Turkish (Özgür Albayrak), Catalan (Xavier Blanquer), Chinese (Angelita Li), Polish (Miroslaw Golda), Japanese (Katsutoshi Seki), Russian (Oleg Timshin), Esperanto (Hans-Jürgen Schäfer) and Czech (Jan Vodolan). Further help and suggestions are welcome.