Radu uses 3D-modeling tools for board creation. Some 3D-views were created just for the joy of it. And it would be a shame if they were to stay only on our hard disks :-) There is even a dice movie... The first two pictures are very high resolution ones - you can use them for T-Shirts or mouse pads. (try them out, they are stunning).

First two high resolution pictures, you can use for T-Shirts or mouse pads. (try them out, they are stunning)
PlexiArt3 Madreperla as T-Shirt
The new Plexi theme. 3300x2760 (2.35MB) Madreperla in 3D. 3200x1984 (3.07MB)
And here you can look behind the scenes...
Gold Chrome Gold Chrome2
Gold Chrome with X-Ray.... 1109x379 (355KB) Another 3D view from the same theme 1135x422 (406KB)
Green Orange Glass board
Green Orange with X-Ray.... 1012x601 (130KB) Glass board 1160x646 (180KB)
Some details..... one even moving.....
big dice big checker
A big die as picture 285x288 (112KB)
and as a movie. 268x284 / 6 sec (836KB)
a big checker 244x245 (132KB)
marble board big checker
a marble board 934x438 (240KB) Plexi once again 953x527 (352KB)