Some screenshots from different operating systems with different themes. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture:

about Dialog
The About dialog

tutor warns
Tutor proposes another move

Shows TachiAI's evaluation of the current position (Mac OS X).

Calculates cube strategy in match game (Windows).

best Moves
BGBlitz selection of the best moves (Mac OS X).

endgame database
The Endgame Database (Linux).

You can convert between several Match formats (Mac OS X).

picture of replay a match
You can replay matches from files or from a database (Linux).

select a position
Select a position from a position database (Mac OS X).

select a match to replay
In a match database you can search a match to replay using several criteria (Linux).

select a position
How fast is BGBlitz on your computer and how many CPUs are used (Linux).

select a match to replay
Select between more than 40 different themes (Windows).

show a position
Solve the puzzles from a position database (Mac OS X)

picture of replay
Setting up the board for saving the position or playing a game (Mac OS X).

editing the board
Viewing the results of a rollout (Windows).

BGBlitz analyzes log files from Fibs/W and MacFibs (Mac OS X).