BGBlitz installation programs are available for the following platforms:

Windows 32-Bit Download (83 MB) Instructions
Windows 64-Bit
The 32-Bit version will work on a 64-bit PC too.
Download (71.8 MB)
Mac OS X 10.8 and higher Download (120 MB) Instructions
Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC) 10.6 and 10.7 Download (46.3 MB) Instructions
Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris (other Unixes and OS/2) Download (43.6 MB) Instructions

A wide selections of themes (skins) is available on the themes page.

Freeze-Dried Real Random
8 files with one million pre calculated rolls each that are calculated with a device that produces true random (Infinite Noise TRNG)
random_dice_1.txt    random_dice_2.txt    random_dice_3.txt    random_dice_4.txt
random_dice_5.txt    random_dice_6.txt    random_dice_7.txt    random_dice_8.txt.

The BigBrother-database is here (3.3 MB). It contains about 3,000 matches from FIBS recorded by BigBrother and Little Sister with nearly 10,000 games.

Paradoxes and Probabilties:169 Positions from Cooke's classical book "Paradoxes and Probabilities". Common folklore tells that about a third of the solutions are wrong. But which are and to what extent?

Backgammon for Profit: 121 positions from Dwek's book.

Better Backgammon: 64 positions from former champion Tim Holland's book.

New Ideas in Backgammon: 104 positions rolled out with Snowie. Where do Snowie and Jellyfish have different results?

Quiz from Oslo Open 1999: 18 interesting positions with solutions, comments and rollouts from the Oslo Open 1999 made by Stein Kulseth.

Webby's Backgammon site (now offline) had four quizzes with difficult positions. Here as position database files. Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3, Quiz 4 and Quiz 5