• After upgrading to MacOS 10.13 High Siera the menus are gone!
    In High Sierra seems to be a bug affecting many Java applications when the system is not English. The simplest solution seems to be to enter the following command in the terminal.
          defaults write Bgblitz AppleLanguages '(en)'
    In the Apple BGBlitz menu and file selection English texts may appear. The first Update to 10.13 solved this problem.
  • Sound stops
    On Linux and Java versions 6 and 7 sounds are only heard once. If using Java 8 everything is fine.
  • Redraw Error
    Sometimes the display shows some white parts during a move or even after a move. Just select "Miscellaneous/Redraw CRT"
In any case, if you find some strange behaviour, I recommend a fresh install. If this doesn't work, just drop me a line and include a description what is happening and the log.txt from the installation directory.