• Redraw Error 1
    Sometimes the display shows some white parts during a move or even after a move. Just select "Miscellaneous/Redraw CRT"
  • Redraw Error 2
    Sometimes one of the arrows, visualzing the moves is drawn incomplete. Seems to happen mostly on MacOS. No fix yet.
  • Dice Animation
    There is an optional animation of the dice rolls and on some computers it seems that after the dice stopped rolling the dice changes again after a second or so. This is rare (? at least it is unclear how often that occurs) and annoying when it happens. The solution is easy: just unselect "Animate dice roll" at "Setup / Miscellaneous Settings / Usage".
  • Race Condition
    In rare cases (about 1%) the evaluation is not always the same and differs by a small amount. I assume a race condition and will look for a fix after the release.
  • Full Screen on MacOS BigSur and later
    Full screen mode on BigSur or later is ugly! Really ugly! Unfortunately for technical reasons I can't fix that in 2.9.2. It has to wait for 3.0.
In any case, if you find some strange behaviour, I recommend a fresh install. If this doesn't work, just send me an email and include a description what is happening and the log file ("Help / send log files").