BGBlitz has got some beautiful themes, donated by talented artists. Many thanks to Guy Petzall, Jan Lukat, Michael Darooge, Markus Steinhilber, Russ Taber, Dead Nancy, Sam Rich, elSpaan and especially Radu-Dan Sabau and Debbie Curtis.
I wrote a little documentation: "How to create your own theme", so if you want to be creative....  

Below are screenshots of all free themes. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture of the theme . To install a theme just download the theme of your choice and select "Setup/Install Theme from Zip".

You can find further commercial themes on here. They are very affordable.

  • Radu's boards are ©2003-2004 by Radu-Dan Sabau. See the conditions of usage.
  • Michael's boards are ©2003-2005 by Michael Darooge and PixelPicassoDesigns
  • Guy's boards are ©2003 by Guy Petzall
  • Jan's boards are ©2004 by Jan Lukat
  • Russ's boards are ©2005 by Russ Taber
  • Dead Nancy's boards are ©2009 by Dead Nancy
  • elSpaans boards are ©2010 elSpaan
  • Sam Richs boards are ©2010 Sam Rich
  • Debbie Curtis boards are ©2014 Debbie Curtis
  • Markus's boards are ©2021 by Markus Steinhilber

02.01.21 A new Theme from a new Artist for High Resolution Displays
The theme: Felt and Leather Green 4K/Retina, elegant, unobtrusive and well suited for 4K displays contributed by Markus Steinhilber.

Felt_and_Leather_Green Theme
Felt and Leather Green 4K/Retina (very big))
(download 3.8 MB)

09.09.19 Debbies Themes
Debbie's commercial themes are now here freely available. This has a very sad reason.
09/09/14 Four new free boards by a new artist:
Debbie Curtis. Beautiful wooden boards. You can find Leather, Steel and more materials here. All of her boards are large (approx. 1500x1000) and some of her themes have their own sound themes

AntiqueCherryBurl Theme
Antique Cherry with Burl by Debbie (big)
(already included)

Antique Wood with Maroon theme
Antique Wood with Maroon by Debbie (big)
(already included)

Antique Wood with Red Theme
Antique Wood with Red by Debbie (big)
(already included)

AntiqueWoodCherryCocobolo theme
Antique Cherry with Cocobolo by Debbie (big)
(already included)

10/02/10 Two new boards, two new graphic artists:
elSpaan's board: 1001 Tawlas. A marvelous board, you would like to play on in reality. With a sound theme of it's own!
The theme from Sam Rich: Feltastic is a classical one. Well done Sam!

1001Tawlas Theme
1001 Tawlas by elSpaan (big)
(download 3,7 MB)

Feltastic theme
Feltastic by Sam (big)
(download 362 KB)

06/15/09 A new artist: Dead Nancy.
The theme: Typical Wood, elegant and unobtrusive

Typical_Wood.jpg Theme
Typical Wood (big)
(download 791 KB)

04/1/06 A new Board by Jan Lukat:
Reminiscent to the earliest years of school: chalkboard

Chalkboard Theme
Chalkboard by Jan (big)
(download 141 KB)

05/21/05 Two new Boards:
A new board by Michael: Titanium, requiring at least Java 1.3. It brings transparent checkers and is a real highlight.
The first board by Russ: Fishy Ocean brings two further innovations: a theme can provide its own special sounds and the checkers in the upper and lower part of the board can differ.

Titanium Theme
Titanium by Michael (big)
(download 624 KB)

Fishy Ocean theme
Fishy Ocean by Russ (big)
(download 325 KB)

07/03/04 The first Board by Jan: Antique Board. Great stuff!

AntiqueBoard Theme
Antique Board by Jan (small)
(download 652 KB)

03/07/04 A new Board by Radu: IBuk. Brilliant work!

Ibuk Theme
IBuk by Radu (big)
(download 942 KB)

12/15/03 Four new Boards by Radu: Bottle_Glass, Xirtam, Green_Orange and Marble_Turquoise. Good Job Radu! Nearly 40 different themes are available now!

Xirtam Theme
Xirtam by Radu (big)
(download 719 KB)
(medium) (download 572 KB)

Bottle_Glass theme
Bottle_Glass by Radu (big)
(download 937 KB)
(medium) (download 702 KB)

Green_orange Theme
Green_Orange by Radu (big)
(download 583 KB)

Marble_turquoise theme
Marble_Turquoise by Radu (big)
(download 844 KB)

09/13/03 New Boards arrived!! Radu provided four new themes, Madreperla in a version for those with real big screens (1425x1026) and Guy has made a big (883x690) version of his Felt Board.
Plexi belongs to my absolute favourites. See also the 3D view on the artworks page. Copper Violet is very elegant, Neila reminds me of starships, and Leather Green has traditional colours with an unusual geometry.

Plexi Theme
Plexi by Radu (big)
(download 663 KB)
(medium) (download 347 KB)

Copper Violet theme
Copper Violet by Radu (big)
(download 566 KB)
(medium) (download 488 KB)

Neila Theme
Neila by Radu (big)
(download 807 KB)
(medium) (download 587 KB)

Leather Green theme
Leather_Green by Radu (big)
(download 1038 KB)

06/11/03 New Boards by Radu!! There are again six completely new themes.
Madreperla is so beautiful, that I put it together with Three Leathers in the standard download. SciFi1 looks great too. It's too bad that I couldn't include all of them. The other new themes are Iarna, Aqua Theme, Blue Chrome and Redwood.

Madreperla Theme
Madreperla by Radu (big)
(download 954 KB)
(medium/ already included) (download 742 KB)
(XL) (download 1.9 MB)

SciFi1 theme
SciFi1 by Radu (big)
(download 949 KB)
(medium) (download 670 KB)

Iarna Theme
Iarna by Radu (big)
(download 843 KB)
(medium) (download 600 KB)

Aqua Theme
Aqua Theme by Radu (big)
(download 949 KB)

Blue Chrome Theme
Blue Chrome by Radu (big)
(download 774 KB)
(medium) (download 589 KB)

Redwood theme
Redwood by Radu (big)
(download 1398 KB)

04/21/03 Radu has been creative again!! There are three popular themes in new resolutions: Made in Japan now also in small and medium size, Big Dot in small size called "Small dot" and Leather 'n Wood in big size. But that's not all. There are six completely new themes.
My absolute favourite is Three Leathers, closely followed by Two Leathers. Redwood 2 something for real wood fans, Brushed Platinum fits nicely to iTunes & Co, Gold Chrome Leather looks valuable and Jewels will keep young female fans happy.

Three leathers Theme
Three Leathers by Radu (big)
(download 1282 KB)
(medium / already included) (download 919 KB)

Two Leathers theme
Two Leathers by Radu (big)
(download 788 KB)
(medium) (download 538 KB)

Redwood_2 theme
Redwood_2 by Radu
(big) (download 763 KB)
(small) (download 374 KB)

Brushed platinum Theme
Brushed Platinum by Radu
(medium) (download 361 KB)

Gold Chrome Leather Theme
Gold Chrome Leather by Radu (big)
(download 948 KB)

Jewels theme
Jewels by Radu (big)
(download 360 KB)

03/09/03 New themes arrived!! A real beauty, a big theme called Made in Japan, a medium theme, reminding of the south sea Turquoise and Big Dot now also in medium size.
Turquoise and Big Dot have some alternative elements. Look at them and if you like it, it should be quite straightforward to edit the xml-file in the theme folder (any text editor will do).
BTW I am hoping to have new themes available every fortnight.

Made in Japan Theme
Made in Japan by Radu
(big) (download 1067 KB)
(medium) (download 853 KB)
(small) (download 551 KB)

Turquoise theme
Turquoise by Radu
(medium) (download 747 KB)
(with alternative elements)

02/27/03 New: a big theme called Bigger_dot and a medium theme called Alladin.

Bigger Dot Theme
Bigger Dot by Radu
(big / already included) (download 281 KB)
Big Dot (medium) (download 192 KB)
Small Dot (small) (download 178 KB)

Alladin theme
Aladin by Radu
(medium) (download 855 KB)

Wood Board Theme
Wood Board by Guy
(small) (already included)

Mahagony Board theme
Textured Mahagony by Michael
(small) (already included).

Blue Red Theme
Blue Red by Radu
(medium) (download 774 KB)

Black Ceramica theme
Black Ceramica by Radu
(medium) (download 227 KB).

Felt Board Theme
Felt Board by Guy
(small) (download 153 KB)
(big) (download 435 KB)

Grey Mahagony theme
Grey Mahagony by Michael
(small) (download 131 KB)

Green Glass Theme
Green Glass by Radu
(medium) (download 745 KB)

Wood 100 theme
Wood 100 by Radu
(medium) (download 801 KB)

Techno Theme
Techno by Radu
(medium) (download 256 KB)

Mother Nature theme
Mother Nature by Radu
(medium) (download 998 KB)

Classic Green Theme
Classic Green by Radu
(medium) (download 727 KB)

Stars N Stripes theme
Stars 'n Stripes by Radu
(medium) (download 332 KB)

Leather N Wood Theme
Leather 'n Wood by Radu
(medium) (download 636 KB)
(big) (download 1003 KB)

Chrome Mint theme
Chrome Mint by Radu
(medium) (download 339 KB)

Wood And Green Theme
Wood and Green by Radu
(medium) (download 642 KB)

Dear BGBlitz user,

I hope you enjoy the themes I created for BGBlitz. I invested endless hours to produce them, and even more to fine tune every aspect of a theme, with the intent to make them both enjoyable and playable. For every theme that makes it on the themes page, at least 5 variations were built, drastically tested and then discarded, in a quality control process which became more and more severe, having as ultimate goal the unreachable "perfect" board. I am not financially associated with BGBlitz, my work is rewarded only by your enjoyment and by the friendship flourished between Frank Berger and me. In order to guarantee the future of theme-related artwork and in the light of some unpleasant events which happened lately, I must ask everybody to respect my work, by:

If these simple requirements won't be fulfilled in the future, I will stop my aforementioned commitment and you, the end user, will be the one affected.

Radu-Dan Sabau, April 2003.