BGBlitz comes in three versions:

  • The Free Version includes all the features already in pre 1.0 versions, plus numerous improvements (naturally, all contributed stuff is in the free version).
  • The Player Version adds playing against BGBlitz, evaluation of positions and showing the best moves (in every context, e.g. play, replay, database etc.). This version costs $23.
  • The Professional Version includes a match analyzer, a tutor giving comments on cube handling and game play and a rollout facility. Further features will come. This version costs $46.

All minor upgrades and one major upgrade are free. I.e. if you bought a 1.x version all updates up to 2.99 are free; if you bought an 2.x all updates up to 3.99 are free.

You are allowed to install BGBlitz on more than one computer/operating system as long as you make sure only one instance is running at the same time.

Upgrading from the Player Version to the Professional Version is possible at any time, and the upgrade price is $23 (exactly the price difference between the two versions).

For making the payment as convenient and safe as possible I offer PayPal, a service used by several million people, mostly on eBay. For paying with PayPal click below:

Player version $23  
Professional version $46
Upgrade from Player to Professional $23
(Please Note: PayPal doesn't accept prepaid credit cards)

If you want to pay by bank transfer, please send me an email at frank at bgblitz dot com.

After receiving the payment you will receive your license file within 24 hours. If not, please check your SPAM folder. If your license isn't in the SPAM folder please send me an Email.

If you lose your license key, you can get another copy by emailing me at

Upgrade from older Licenses

Buyers who have purchased an 1.x license can upgrade to a 3.x license at a discounted price
Upgrade BGBlitz Player license 1.x to 3.x $13  
Upgrade BGBlitz Professional license 1.x to 3.x $26
Upgrade BGBlitz Player 1.x to Professional license 3.x. $29
(Please Note: PayPal doesn't accept prepaid credit cards)