Q: Can I install BGBlitz on my Windows and/or Macintosh PC with the same license?
A: The license is valid for any platform you install the software on and you may install BGBlitz on any number of computers with the same license. However, only one copy is allowed to be running at any time. I believe that copy-protection only ends up hurting honest users. BGBlitz displays the name of the licensee, so if a license abuse is discovered (e.g it is found it on a 'warez' server or being shared over a P2P network), it will be revoked.

Q: BGBlitz doesn't run or simply crashes
A: You must have a current version of Java installed before trying to run BGBlitz
If you have already installed a current version of Java then please drop me an email to frank@bgblitz.de together with the version of BGBlitz you are using, brief details of your operating system and your Java version together with the 'log.txt' file located in the BGBlitz installation directory. Remember to also include as clear a description of the problem as possible.

Q: How can I move a checker using the value of the smaller dice first?
A: Click the left mouse button to move the checker the value of the dice on the left, and click on the right mouse button for the dice on the right. For Macintosh users with only one mouse button, press the 'apple' (command) key and click to specify the right hand dice. If only one dice move is possible, you may either button will work.

Q: I cannot move the checkers in the 'Edit Position' view.
A: A left mouse click moves a checker, if valid, from the home to the point clicked on. A right click moves a checker from the point to the home. For Macintosh users with only one mouse button, press the 'apple' (command) key and click to 'right click'.

Q: Can I replay/import incomplete or unfinished games?
A: Yes, BGBlitz can import unfinished or interrupted games as well as completed ones.

Q: Replay a game from GamesGrid doesn't work.
A: Because of the complete lack of information of GamesGrid's *.cbg format, I have had to rely entirely on reverse engineering with help from Gary Wong. Some games often contain 'strange' entries, which neither of us have been able to make sense of. If something does go wrong, simply convert the *.cbg file to another format and edit it according to the errors. I maybe able to analyze the problem so if you do get really stuck, send me an email to service@bgblitz.de with the match attached and I will see what I can do for you.

Q: Can I install BGBlitz on an USB-Stick?
A: Yes. Just copy the installation (i.e. the whole BGBlitz folder/directory) to your USB-Stick. Then create a folder/directory .bgblitz in the bgblitz folder on the USB-stick.

Q: I would like to see *your suggestion here* in BGBlitz
A: I am always happy to get feedback for BGBlitz. So any reasonable requests for a new feature or improvement will almost certainly be included in future releases of BGBlitz. If you think you have found a 'bug' or an 'error' this always gets the highest priority from me, and as soon as the problem has been identified and fixed, an update is immediately made available to everyone.

Q: I would like to see BGBlitz in *your language here*. Is this possible?
A: If there is adequate demand, I will make available a 'localization kit', that allows BGBlitz to be tailored for use with any language.

Q: What is 'TachiAI'?
A: Whereas BGBlitz is the core software, TachiAI is the neural net 'engine' that is implemented. However, BGBlitz is able to handle other engines and any authors of other backgammon bots requiring a 'front-end' GUI please contact me (Note: It doesn't matter which language it's coded in).'TachiAI' comes from the Japanese word used to describe the first impact when Sumo wrestlers begin a fight!