In late summer 2012 I received a first mail from Debbie Curtis, in which she had added a theme that did not work with BGBlitz yet. It still had a few bugs, but it was clear that she was very talented as a graphic designer. By the way, the board became "Antique Cherry, Black & White (DC)"

Our mail traffic intensified rapidly. She asked, for example, which boards I found particularly beautiful. I sent her a few links to great real boards and so a one and a half year intensive cooperation started. She had the highest demands on her work and was only satisfied when it was really first class. For example, she invested hours and days until the metal-framed stones really looked like true metal. And she had many ideas, e.g. that not all stones should look the same or she used unusual materials like cement. Some details were also based on photos I had taken, e.g. the checkers from the "Wood -- Oak, Natural Red, Maple & Burl (DC)" are based on a British backgammon board from the 30s and the dice from many boards (e.g. "Leather -- Rust, Terracotta & Maize (DC)") not only look like precision dice, but are based on my photos of real precision dice. And I spent several weekends with a macro, tripod, improvised lighting and a self-made stage until the photos were good enough for her, although they looked perfect to me long before.

Debbie worked tirelessly with her perfectionist approach on new boards and reached higher and higher levels until she created the most beautiful boards I have ever seen. At the same time, she gave me feedback on BGBlitz from her perspective and I gave her feedback on her boards. At that time it was not unusual that we exchanged up to 10 mails per day(!).

I also asked her to contact the other good backgammon program authors to offer them a cooperation, because I was afraid that the sales would be too low for her otherwise. She always denied this with the argument that BGBlitz is the only good native Mac program.

But we didn't only talk about backgammon but also about other things, e.g. politics, which is rather unusual for Americans, it is considered a taboo subject there. That was exciting for me, because this way I got not only insights into American views of politics in the USA, but also how Americans see Europe or Germany.

After the release in 2014 we didn't email each other that often anymore but when there were no mails from her for quite a while I emailed her and a little later she answered that she had been sick for quite some time. But I did't attach so much importance to that. Our mail contact continued in intervals until he fell asleep again. When her website was down and I didn't get any reaction to my emails, I was seriously worried.

A few months later I received an email from her brother that Debbie had passed away. It's clich├ęd, but right then it crossed my mind that there was a lot I didn't know about her and that it's impossible to catch up. The fact that she was only a year older than me makes one thoughtful and humble.

I contacted her brother and I'm much obliged that he allowed me to provide Debbie's graphics for BGBlitz for free in her memory. This way even more people can get to know and appreciate her work, but I would much prefer to exchange ideas with her. Much more.

WoodCherryBlackWhite Theme
Antique Cherry, Black & White (DC) (big)
(download 1.8 MB)

WoodCherrySienna theme
Antique Cherry & Sienna (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

AntiqueWoodCherryBurl Theme
Antique Cherry with Burl (Big, DC) (big)
(already included)

AntiqueWoodCherryCocobolo theme
Antique Cherry with Cocobolo (DC) (big)
(already included)

AntiqueWoodMaroon Theme
Antique Wood with Maroon (Big, DC) (big)
(already included)

AntiqueWoodRed theme
Antique Wood with Red (Big, DC) (big)
(already included)

ChristmasChromeMetalLED Theme
Christmas Chrome Metal LED (DC) (big)
(download 1.3 MB)

ChristmasGoldMetalElectronic theme
Christmas Gold Metal Electronic (DC) (big)
(download 1.2 MB)

ChristmasSilverMetalLED Theme
Christmas Silver Metal LED (DC) (big)
(download 1.2 MB)

Leather-Black-Silver-RedCroc theme
Leather -- Black, Silver & Red Croc (DC) (big)
(download 2.1 MB)

Leather-Black-SilverCroc Theme
Leather -- Black & Silver Croc (DC) (big)
(download 2.1 MB)

Leather-BlackGator-SilverTangerine theme
Leather -- Black Gator, Silver & Tangerine (DC) (big)
(download 2.0 MB)

Leather-BlackGrayWhite Theme
Leather -- Black, Gray & White (DC) (big)
(download 1.7 MB)

Leather-BlackGrayWhiteBlue theme
Leather -- Black, Gray & White with Blue (DC) (big)
(already included)

Leather-Croc-Brown-TealGray Theme
Leather -- Brown Croc, Teal & Gray (DC) (big)
(download 2,4 MB)

Leather-Croc-Brown-White theme
Leather -- Brown & White Croc (DC) (big)
(download 2.3 MB)

Leather-Croc-Burgundy-Teal Theme
Leather -- Burgundy & Teal (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

Leather-Gray-Black-White theme
Leather -- Gray, Black & White (DC) (big)
(download 1.5 MB)

Leather-Green-Red-BlackClassic Theme
Leather -- Green-Red & Black Classic (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

Leather-NavyBlue-Creme theme
Leather -- Navy Blue & Creme (DC) (big)
(download 2.2 MB)

Leather-NavyBlue-White Theme
Leather -- Navy Blue & White (DC) (big)
(already included)

Leather-PrussianBlue-Creme theme
Leather -- Prussian Blue & Creme (DC) (big)
(download 2.5 MB)

Leather-PrussianBlue-White Theme
Leather -- Prussian Blue & White (DC) (big)
(download 2.0 MB)

Leather-PurpleWhite theme
Leather -- Purple & White (DC) (big)
(download 1.8 MB)

Leather-Red-Green-BlackClassic Theme
Leather -- Red-Green & Black Classic (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

Leather-Rust-Terracotta-Maize theme
Leather -- Rust, Terracotta & Maize (DC) (big)
(already included)

LeatherDarkTealWhite Theme
Leather Dark Teal & White (DC) (big)
(download 2.6 MB)

LeatherTealOstrich theme
Leather Teal Ostrich (DC) (big)
(download 2.8 MB)

MARBLE-PeachWithPeachGray Theme
MARBLE -- Peach With Peach & Gray (DC) (big)
(download 4.3 MB)

MARBLE-TanTravertineWithChocolateWhite theme
MARBLE -- Tan Travertine With Chocolate & White (DC) (big) (download 1.9 MB)

MARBLE-TanWithChocolateSienna Theme
MARBLE -- Tan With Chocolate & Sienna (DC) (big)
(download 2.0 MB)

MARBLE-TravertineWithChocolateSalmon theme
MARBLE -- Tan Travertine With Chocolate & Salmon (DC) (big) (download 2.0 MB)

MARBLE-TravertineWithChocolateSienna Theme
MARBLE -- Tan Travertine With Chocolate & Sienna (DC) (big) (download 2.0 MB)

MARBLE-White-BlackOnyxGreen theme
MARBLE -- White, Black & Onyx (DC) (big)
(download 2.8 MB)

MARBLE-WhiteWithBlackGray Theme
MARBLE -- White With Black & Gray (DC) (big)
(download 1.7 MB)

MARBLE-WhiteWithGrayBlue theme
MARBLE -- White With Gray & Blue (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

MARBLE-WhiteWithTwoGreens Theme
MARBLE -- White With Two Greens (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

MODERN-BlackWhite theme
MODERN -- Black & White (DC) (big)
(download 1,2 MB)

STONE-GrayConcrete-BlackWhite Theme
STONE -- Gray Concrete, Black & White (DC) (big)
(download 1,4 MB)

STONE-Taupe-RustJade theme
STONE -- Taupe, Rust & Jade (DC) (big)
(download 2.2 MB)

SteelBlackBlueGreenLEDTri-Digital Theme
Steel - Black, Blue-Green LED Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(already included)

SteelBlackGoldTri-Digital theme
Steel - Black, Gold, Silver Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 667 KB)

SteelChampagneBlackWhiteLEDTri-Digital Theme
Steel - Champagne, Black & White LED Tri-Digital (DC) (big) (download 892 KB)

SteelSilver-CopperBlueDigital theme
Steel - Silver, Copper, Blue Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 1.6 MB)

SteelSilver-CopperCyanDigital Theme
Steel - Silver, Copper, Cyan Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 1.6 MB)

SteelSilver-CopperPurpleAnalog theme
Steel - Silver, Copper, Purple Tri-Analog (DC) (big)
(download 1.1 MB)

SteelSilver-CopperPurpleDigital Theme
Steel - Silver, Copper, Purple Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 1.1 MB)

SteelSilver-GreenPeachTri-Digital theme
Steel - Silver, Green, Peach Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 988 KB)

SteelSilverBlackWhiteLEDTri-Digital Theme
Steel - Silver, Black & White LED Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 983 KB)

SteelSilverBlueGreenLEDTri-Digital theme
Steel - Silver, Blue-Green LED Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 1.0 MB)

SteelSilverGoldSilverElectronic Theme
Steel - Silver, Gold & Silver Electronic (DC) (big)
(download 1.0 MB)

SteelSilverGoldTri-Digital theme
Steel - Silver, Gold Tri-Digital (DC) (big)
(download 942 KB)

TEXTURE-ConcreteBlueSienna Theme
TEXTURE -- Concrete, Blue & Sienna (DC) (big)
(download 2.3 MB)

TEXTURE-PlasterSienna-Ivory theme
TEXTURE -- Plaster, Sienna & Ivory (DC) (big)
(download 2.2 MB)

TEXTURE-ScratchyBlue-Green Theme
TEXTURE -- Scratchy Blue & Green (DC) (big)
(download 3.0 MB)

TEXTURE-StoneTerracotta-Ivory theme
TEXTURE -- Stone, Terracotta & Ivory (DC) (big)
(download 2.6 MB)

Wood_OakAntiqueMapleBurl Theme
Wood -- Oak, Antique, Maple & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 1.7 MB)

Wood -- OakGoldenMapleBurl theme
Wood -- Oak, Golden, Maple & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 1.7 MB)

Wood -- OakNaturalMapleBurl Theme
Wood -- Oak, Natural Red, Maple & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 1.5 MB)

Wood -- OakRedMapleMahogany theme
Wood -- Oak, Red, Maple & Mahogany (DC) (big)
(download 1.7 MB)

WoodWalnutBurl Theme
Wood Walnut & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 2.8 MB)

WoodWalnutTeakBurl theme
Wood Walnut, Light Teak & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 1.7 MB)

WoodWalnutTeakWalnut Theme
Wood Walnut, Teak & Walnut (DC) (big)
(download 1.6 MB)

WoodZebrawoodBurgundyBurl theme
Wood Zebrawood Burgundy & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 2.1 MB)

WoodZebrawoodLeatherBurl Theme
Wood Zebrawood Camel Leather & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 2.2 MB)

WoodZebrawoodMahoganyBurl theme
Wood Zebrawood Mahogany & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 1.9 MB)

WoodZebrawoodPoplarBurl Theme
Wood Zebrawood Poplar & Burl (DC) (big)
(download 1.8 MB)